Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty is the gold standard of putty.  Play with your Thinking Putty at home, school, work, the car, anywhere! Bring your Thinking Putty with you to work or school and leave it on your desk. You'll find yourself tearing off a handful and using it to have fun and relieve stress while your brain ponders infinite creative possibilities.

- made and manufactured entirely in the USA

- certified compliant with ASTM F963 and EU standards EN 71 Parts 1, 2 & 3, and CPSIA-compliant 

- putty contains no latex, gluten, wheat compounds, or phthalates

​- recommended ages 3+

- silicone-based and will not dry out or crumble

- keep in a closed container to protect against dirt, dust, and hair that may otherwise accumulate.


Fidgets & Tactile Tools

Fidget Spinners are perfect for anyone who needs something to keep their hands busy. Created via 3D printer with high quality plastic, these are not your average spinners. They are incredibly quiet, have long spin times, won't warp in the sun or break easily.

SixAxisDev spinners are 3D printed at high resolution with a strong Raptor PLA plastic and are designed to print cleanly without messy overhangs. Each edge is chamfered to provide a great feel in the hand. These are created with strong outer walls and dense infill to make sure they are sturdy and can withstand a significant drop.


On a personal note, these things are great.  I thought the ninja star would be bigger, but it's actually the perfect size to fit comfortably in your hand.  The cog is perfect for my kids to spin, even with tiny hands and not much skill.  Great for fine motor skills and focusing. We've had them several months, and after much use, getting lost, getting dropped, stepped on, and abused ... they still look and work like new.  They spin well, are quiet, and nothing has broken off.  They are also unique and won't get easily mixed up with other kids' spinners.